We believe communication is everything. Check out the great services we offer to ensure you stay in touch with those important to you.

Affordable international calls from any phone

When you sign up to Bglobal you can call anybody in the world for around the cost of a local call. Bglobal works right from your mobile and landline, no special software needed. There is no sign up fee and no hidden fees.

Local Number Abroad

Bglobal can set up a private local number in the country of your choice. People will reach you at your mobile or landline for the cost of a local call. Best of all we give you one private local number for FREE when you sign up.

Create your own speed dial phonebook

We understand there are people you call all the time. Add them to your account and call them effortlessly. Sign up

International numbers

It is important for your clients abroad to be able to call your business for free? Bglobal offers toll free numbers that connect straight to your mobile and/or landline.

Text messages abroad at ease

Send text messages all over the world through your Bglobal online account. Join now

VIP Numbers

Get a phone number that nobody will forget.


We love our clients so much we reward you for simply using Bglobal ! Sign up to Benefit